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    T-shirts & tote bags

    They got the shapely bodies
    They got the Permanent T-Shirts
    (and also totes)

    Yes, our P. Recs tees are back in black. Also in white. Either way… you’re gonna look crisp. Only $15!

    The totes are here, too — only $7.99 for a stylish way to get your LP haul back home.

    Welcome to Permanent Records

    Hi, and thanks for your interest in our store!

    We’re located within BrooklynWorks at 159 20th St. between 3rd & 4th in South Slope, Brooklyn. Press 1B to buzz into the building, take an elevator up, and you’l find us. Closest subways are the R to Prospect Ave or the F/G to 4th/9th. We are open 7 days a week, from 12pm – 7pm.

    We stock New and Used LPs, CDs, 45s & 12s in all genres. We try to make sure that our store has something for everyone. Sign up for our mailing list for weekly lists of new in-stock & back in-stock titles. If you have any immediate stock questions, please don’t hesitate to call the store at 718-383-4083. We’ll be happy to help you out.

    In addition to music, we also carry all sorts of accessories, such as replacement needles, cartridges & headshells designed to fit a wide variety of turntables. If your turntable isn’t giving you the sound quality it used to, that doesn’t mean it’s broken. You probably just need a new stylus, and we can help you out. We also carry slip mats, adapters for 45s, additional cabling, and cleaning kits.

    Lastly, if you’re looking to protect your vinyl records, we’ve also got all sorts of sleeves for you to buy. Paper & plastic, re-sealable and slip, for 7”, 10” and 12” records. They’re all here.

    Have old records you want to sell? Get all the details at our buying page.


    New Location OPEN

    UPDATED 8/26:
    It seems so many of you are on tenterhooks to find out where our new home is and what the future holds for your fair P-RECS; everyone except that one guy on Yelp who REALLY hates us. Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response regarding our pending relocation.

    P-RECS’ new digs will be housed within the swanky spaces of our equally fancy new friends, BrooklynWorks at 159, who selected us to be their only retail establishment. The new space, located at 159 20th St. in ______, — Hmm, what IS that area called this week? South Slope? Greenwood Heights? Gowanus-lite? — will offer up a unique and non-traditional retail experience. We hope you’ll embrace its unconventionality with us.

    Our Timeline:
    8/25 – 9/15 – Business as usual at 181 Franklin St., regular store hours: 12-8, 7 days
    9/16 – 9/30 – Transition time! We’ll keep you posted as to the official last day on Franklin.
    October 1 – OPEN FOR BUSINESS: 159 20th St., Brooklyn, NY 11232 (3rd & 4th Ave)

    For our valued Greenpoint customers, we’re still going to be on the trusty G line. And for those who are unable to make the trek to the Park Slope area, we’ll be ramping up our Mail Order business for you. In addition, before year’s end, our website will be overhauled to accept New Release pre-orders and/or for you to order stock on hand. But of course we would much prefer to see your faces.

    Some of you may already be familiar with our online stores at Amazon and Discogs:


    For more information on BrooklynWorks at 159, visit them HERE.

    Consider yourself un(tenter) hooked.

    Marjorie Eisenberg
    Permanent Records

    There’s no easy way to say it. So here it is:
    WE LOST OUR LEASE. On September 30th, Permanent Records will relocate. We’re saddened to leave our Greenpoint home but we’re ready to embrace P-RECS 2.0, P-RECS Mach III, P-RECS REBOOT——eh, you know what I mean, more on that in a minute.

    In 2003, when I told people I was opening a record store, I think most thought I was kookoo nuts. At that time, many of the NY shops were closing or at least struggling to stay open. It’s just something I HAD to do and I’m glad I did. Selling records ended up being a viable business again, who knew?? Yeah, YOU knew, Mike Davis!

    For those who don’t know, initially, P-RECS started in a 200 year old house in Northport Village. Not without its share of some new-business-hard-times of its own, after a 3 ½ year foothold, we moved to Greenpoint. This will seem hard for some of you to believe, but back then Greenpoint was slightly uncharted territory. It was 2007 and there wasn’t a whole lot going on over on Franklin Street, it had a sleepy small town quality which was part of the charm. It seemed to be a perfect fit. For the past 7+ years we’ve enjoyed being one of the mainstays (along with so many other great businesses) and believe we’ve had a hand in making Greenpoint the destination it’s become.

    Permanent Records will close the Franklin St. location not because we’re not doing well, but simply because we’ve lost our lease. None of you reading this will be shocked to hear that after months of looking for an affordable suitable store front, we’re now priced out of the neighborhood we helped to shape. It’s an all too common story in the NYC retail / small business landscape.

    There is a rumor going around that our landlord sold the building and that’s why we have to leave. While that, too, is a very common scenario these days, it is not the case. The landlord’s son is taking the space over for his own small business venture. He’s fortunate enough to have a father who had the foresight, luck or both to buy buildings in Greenpoint in the 80s and we wish him well.

    The future….We are not disappearing. We are merely reinventing ourselves. We will still be buying your record collections. We will still be selling you records. We still love talking about music with you. We THANK YOU for all your support over the last 11 years.

    More details to come on our exciting new home and new business model. We hope you decide to stay with us and see how we do.

    Every 11 years, it’s important to make significant changes in your life. Who was it that said that? Oh, it was me, I just did.

    Marjorie Eisenberg
    Permanent Records

159 20th St., 1B | BROOKLYN | 11232 | 718.383.4083 | contact us