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I’m 66 years old, and a grandmother who uses kratom for pain management. I am a National Merit Scholar . I’m the farthest thing from a drug addict, but prescription narcotic painkillers nearly made me one. I was hospitalized from a car accident a few years ago and was very slow to heal. Before I realized it, I’d been taking the Vicodin my doctor prescribed for 4 months and I’d become entirely addicted to it. I started researching for a way to quit the pain pills but still manage the pain. I opted to try kratom and it did offer pain relief just as well as prescription meds . It got me off the pain pills and back to a healthy and productive work & social life. Kratom is now my go-to when I need pain treatment, because I don’t ever want to tempt fate with prescription painkillers again. I also have a family member who prefers it to the Prozac that he’d been taking for 30+ years. Kratom provides him with anti-anxiety healthy benefits without the unpleasant side-effects of the pharmacy pills. I would hate to see a safe and natural alternative to dangerous opiates and chemical mood enhancers taken away by this ill-advised scheduling

I have suffered from female issues including endometriosis since I was 14 years old. Endometriosis is a chronic, incurable health condition that causes intense pain on an intermittent basis. When I was 23, I underwent surgery to remove the endometrial adhesions, but the adhesions quickly returned, which is extremely common. I tried a variety of medications like vicodin and percocet to manage the condition, including NSAIDs, but by the time I was 26, my doctor told me that my only remaining options were to take narcotic painkillers or undergo a hysterectomy. Everything changed when I learned about kratom. I have found that pure Kratom helps to ease the endometriosis pain without the use of opiate painkillers. I have been using Kratom for several years with no ill effects. It has helped me tremendously with my pain symptoms, allowing me to be an engaged wife, mother, and contributing member of my community. My health has never been better. Without kratom, I will be forced to use opiate pain medications or undergo a hysterectomy at the age of 34. I am hoping for an opportunity to have a second child, and I am not

exaggerating at all when I say that kratom is preserving my fertility

due to Chronic Migraine , Pancreatitis, and fibroids. I am unable to take any type of OTC or prescribed pain medications; my system simply treats them as poison and I wind up admitted to the hospital w/migraine, uncontrolled projectile vomiting and life threatening extremely low blood pressure. For the past 17 years, I have dealt with the extreme pain of my various illnesses myself, w/no narcotic pain meds, which caused even more health issues, extremely high blood pressure and depression amongst them.

I honestly didn’t realize how much pain I was in on a daily basis, until I tried Kratom pills and within minutes, 90% of the pain disappeared. In addition, I was not dizzy, or high All I felt other than the decrease of pain, was total relief. It’s been a year now and white Kratom powder continues to be a God-send. I am not addicted to it, take when needed, and with this miracle pain relief, have begun to take up the dropped reins of my life. The migraines are not completely eased, but all other painful symptoms are, and I am now advocating for the missing again; reuniting families again. Kratom has helped millions of folks, with pain, and to recover from addiction. To ban this natural miracle pain reliever would cause us all including myself, to return to a dark life full of pain. I cannot even imagine how that will be possible, to return to my housebound, bedridden pain-filled self. I just can’t. I just cannot comprehend how we’re expected to do that. How are we to explain to our families and children who are so thrilled to have the old “us” back?

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