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Anxiety is a condition which seems to be affecting more and more of us these days. With a lifestyle that is often filled with stress, brimming with deadlines and often with little chance to relax and truly unwind, it is little wonder that anxiety is becoming a common word. Unfortunately, anxiety is not a condition which only affects one age group. On the contrary, from young students to old aged pensioners, it seems like anxiety can strike anyone at any time. Indeed, it seems like anxiety is not fussy but is happy to take anyone down.

If you, or someone you care about, is currently suffering from anxiety you have likely tried many treatments plans, recommendations and so forth to find some relief from this difficult condition. Indeed, there are many options available however, not all treatments will work for everyone. 

In your search for something which can provide some relief from anxiety, you may have heard about CBD aiding anxiety. Of course, you may be wondering whether this could really make a difference to anxiety levels and whether it is worth giving it a go for yourself, or someone you know. Let's take a look at whether CBD oil could really work for such a condition. Firstly, we will consider the link between CBD and the brain, then we will consider studies carried out on CBD oil.

The CBD Brain Link

When it comes to CBD aiding anxiety we need to take a look at the effect that this substance can have on the brain. It is thought that CBD oil works along with a brain receptor which is called CB1. This receptor is actually a tiny protein which attaches itself to the cells, they receive chemical signals and aid your cells to respond.

It is not yet fully understood how CBD actually affects CB1, however, one thought is that the serotonin signal is affected. You have likely already heard of serotonin, a body chemical which is related to our mental health. In fact, when a person has low levels they may suffer from depression, others may suffer from anxiety.

Research For CBD And Anxiety

There have been a number of studies carried out which may show that CBD has the potential to be beneficial for anxiety. In animal studies, when looking at generalized anxiety, CBD was shown to reduce stress. Symptoms of anxiety such as an increased heart rate were seen to improve.

Other studies have looked at the effect of CBD on post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder, as well as insomnia which is induced by anxiety. These studies showed that CBD may have some benefits in such conditions.

Could CBD oil be right for you if you suffer from anxiety? It is always best to consult your primary health care provider to discuss any new treatment plan for your anxiety. Working along with such a professional you may find that this alternative could provide you with positive benefits to help you cope with the often debilitating condition of anxiety.